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Main window



1 - File Management

The file management options include creating a new project, opening an existing one, and saving a created project. The projects are saved as files with the extension ".elamx" in any location on the user's PC. Only all input parameters but no results are saved in the file. Results can be exported separately. The eLamX² files are XML files that can be edited with any text or XML editor if required. It is not necessary to save the project in order to carry out calculations.

- New project
- Open project
- Save the project

2 - Export

With these functions it is possible to export the data or images generated with eLamX². All diagrams and 3D views can be saved as PNG files and the numerical values ​​of the diagrams can be written out as a text file. In this way, the data can be used for other programs or documents.

- screenshot
- Raw data export

3 - Material Management

New materials can be created using this button. These materials are necessary for the definition of laminate layers or micromechanical materials.

- Add fiber material
- Add matrix material
- add micromechanical material (defined by matrix, fiber material and fibre volume ratio)
- Add material

4 - Laminate Management

New laminates can be created or deleted using this button.

- Add laminate
- Delete a laminate

5 - General Modules

The desired modules for created laminates can be selected in the menu bar. These are represented by symbols. From left to right these are

- Module for the 3D representation of failure criteria in stress space,
- module for comparing the micromechanical models,
- Module for optimization.

Depending on the module type, a new sub-item is added to the laminate by pressing the corresponding button (e.g. calculation) or a new window opens (e.g. failure criteria).

6 - Modules for Materials

- Module for generating carpet plots (can only be selected for marked material)

7 - Modules for Laminates

- calculation module,
- stability module,
- deformation module,
- frequency analysis module,
- module for calculating the stress around holes,
- Module for the calculation of cylindrical pressure tanks
- Spring-In analysation module,
- module for creating a failure body,
- Module for creating a polar diagram.

8 - Project Explorer

All created materials and laminates are listed in this sub-window.

9 - Properties Window

If an element, e.g. a material, is selected in the project explorer or in another sub-window, all input variables that are defined for this element are displayed in this window and can be edited.

10 - Editor Area

In this area of ​​the main window, all other sub-windows are displayed, such as the laminate editor.

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