eLamX² (expandable laminate eXplorer) is a freely usable laminate calculation program written in Java, which is being developed at the chair for aircraft engineering at the Technical University Dresden. The calculations are based on the classic laminated plate theory. The software has a modular structure and is constantly being expanded. There are currently modules available for laminate calculation including strength analysis, hygrothermal effects and engineering constants, for stability analysis, for deformation and vibration analysis and for comparing various failure criteria (3D representation of the failure body). In addition, the created laminates can be exported for use in various finite element programs. Extensions in the area of ​​stability considerations as well as new modules regarding the micromechanics of fiber composite layers and the non-linear calculation with the help of the VDI regulation 2014 are under development.

The current version of eLamX² can be found at



This user manual briefly describes the installation of eLamX² as well as the individual modules and clarifies their use. In addition to this manual, there are videos explaining the use of the eLamX². These can be found under

be looked at.

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