Installation Instruction

eLamX² is available in two ways for Windows 64bit and Linux 64bit. On the one hand as an installer and on the other hand as a ZIP file.

The installer installs eLamX² on the system including all necessary dependencies. The ZIP files contain a directly executable version of eLamX², so that no installation or administrator permissions are necessary. The ZIP files simply have to be unzipped into a folder of your choice and then the executable file in the "bin" folder started.

To install, download the appropriate installer for your operating system (Windows 64bit, Linux 64bit) from the eLamX² website .


  1. Download the installer (ends with: .exe)
  2. Start the installation with a double click on the downloaded file
  3. Follow the instructions.


  1. Download the installer (ends in: .sh)
  2. Open a terminal
  3. Change to the download directory cd $DOWNLOAD_FOLDER
  4. Set executable flag for the installer chmod +x
  5. Start the installation ./
  6. Follow the instructions.

ZIP file

  1. After downloading ZIP file for your OS, it must be unzipped into any folder.
  2. In the eLamX² directory that is now available, the executable file in the "bin" subdirectory must be executed with a double click. The following assignment applies:

Windows with Java 32bit: elamx2.exe
Windows with Java 64bit: elamx264.exe
Linux: elamx2

Language Settings of eLamX²

Basically, the program adapts to the language settings of the operating system. The default language is English. The program only starts with a German GUI if the operating system language is German.

So far, this behavior can only be changed using options when starting the program. There are two ways to do this.

Temporary Solution

When calling the program in the command line or input prompt, "-locale en" must be added.

Example Windows

"C:\\$INSTALLATION DIRECTORY$\\bin\\elamx2.exe" –locale en

Example Linux


Permanent Solution

"–Locale en" has to be added in the configuration file of eLamX². This can be found in the following locations:


C:\\$INSTALLATION DIRECTORY$\\etc\\elamx2.conf



In the elamx2.conf, the entry default_options is supplemented by "–locale en" so that it looks like this:

default_options = "- locale en ..."

As a further alternative, the temporary solution can also be implemented as a link in Windows.

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